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Front module for the RENFE AVE S 130 (Bombardier / Talgo S 250 ACP) train

RENFE AVE S 130 at the Madrid Atocha station
(Photo: EST, added 12.08.2008).

(Photo: EST, added 12.08.2008).

RENFE AVE S 130 (Bombardier / Talgo S 250 ACP) high-speed train
(Photo: Talgo, added 08.03.2007).

Front module of RENFE Class S 130 with energy absorbers from EST and a central structural cross member
engineered by EST, for the integral support of the automatic Scharfenberg coupler.
(Illustration: EST, added 08.03.2007)

Presentation at the "Passive Safety of Rail Vehicles" conference
at the Technical University Berlin, Nov./Dec. 2006
(Photo: EST, added 21.03.2007).

(Photo: EST, added 21.03.2007)

Presentation at the occasion of the InnoTrans 2006 fair, Berlin, at the booth of Voith Turbo.
(Photo: EST, added 08.03.2007)

(Photo: EST, added 08.03.2007).

RENFE AVE S 130 (Bombardier / Talgo S 250 ACP) at the Bombardier works, Kassel, Germany, 23.08.2006
(Photo:, Wolfram Wittsiepe, added 21.03.2007).

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